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Are Designer Drugs Safe?

Designer drugs are synthetic drugs, which were made to increase a drug’s potency while reducing the side-effects. However, they have proven to be even more dangerous. Modern, popular drugs, like ecstasy and LSD, are now designer drugs. Although they were meant to get around the law, they are illegal.

Many people falsely believe that designer drugs are a safer alternative but they’re even more dangerous than the original. Many people who smoke K2, a synthetic marijuana, end up in the ER. And it is not because of THC but other synthetic chemicals in it, intended to make a greater high.

Common Designer Drugs

Drugs like methamphetamine, LSD, ecstasy, bath salts, K2, spice, and even fentanyl have gained a great deal of popularity in recent years. People still risk these drugs to chase a high that is un-attainable. These drugs are commonly used in clubs, raves, and house parties.

Get Help

Growing up does give you the opportunity to try new things and create your own identity. On college campuses, that may also mean going to parties, drinking alcohol and experimenting with drugs. But most people don’t realize the dangers of using these drugs.

It is easy to think you’re just trying it, but these unregulated, illegal drugs get you in a vicious grip soon enough for you to become addicted, fall severely sick and even die. If you or someone you know, uses designer drugs and don’t know how to stop, reach out to a treatment expert at a trusted rehab and turn your life around, before it’s too late.

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