Building a Safe Environment for Recovery

If you or a loved one are planning to go through rehab and you think that’s the end of the road, think again. Rehab is a very vital part of recovery, which allows people to learn the skills and techniques to get clean – but that’s just the beginning.

One of the most important things to do in recovery is to set up a safe environment. There are many factors involved in setting up a safe environment. In this article, we’ll talk about some of the most important ones.

What’s Involved In a Safe Environment?

So what’s in a safe environment, you might ask?

A safe environment is one in which the recovering addict or alcoholic feels safe, secure, and has a minimal chance of getting triggered or relapsing. If you want to develop the ideal environment, you should consider the following things.

  • Avoid contact with other drug users. Many people successfully complete rehab and then go back to their fellow drug-using friends to inform them that they’ve successfully cleaned up. In many cases, when this happens, the recovering user gets sucked back into their old habits. It’s best to cut contact with other drug users, at least for a while – until the user is completely in control of their addiction. In most cases, this takes years, and many people find they are never able to comfortably associate with drug users again.
  • Avoid places that remind the user of drugs. A big part of developing the ideal environment is actually choosing the external setting. It can be very difficult for a recovering addict to return home, for example, if they will go back to bunking in the same room that they spent years getting high in. Or it can be challenging for a recovering addict to drive to work or school if they have to drive past the homes of their old drug dealers.
  • Provide comfortable, open-minded support. A recovering user needs to have a good support network that makes them feel understood and heard. Make sure that they have access to good people who have a genuine interest in their recovery and are happy to hear them out about their feelings, thoughts, and desires.
  • Prevent boredom. Try to provide an environment that provides enough stimulation to avoid getting bored. Many recovering users find that it’s easier to relapse when they have nothing to do, so try to make sure that you can find hobbies, sports, or activities that you enjoy with a passion.


One of the most important aspects of recovery is setting up the ideal environment for the addict to get sober in. There are lots of factors involved in this. Following the tips and tricks in this article should help you build the ideal environment for getting sober.

Written by Nigel Ford

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