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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Close to Anaheim, California

You don’t remember the exact moment when drugs or alcohol took over your life. It happened slowly, use by use, and now, your substance of choice is the primary focus of your life. You think of it when you wake up and when you go to bed. You spend your days obsessing about or getting your next fix. You don’t enjoy the substance anymore, but it feels like it has control of your life, and you aren’t sure what to do or where to turn. Your substance has alienated your friends and family, and even going to work seems impossible now. You know if you continue down this path, you could lose everything, including your life.

Drugs or alcohol might seem to be in control, but that is the illness talking. You can break free from your addiction by getting help from a drug and alcohol rehab facility near Anaheim, California. During your stay, you will develop the tools you need to live a happy life without substances.

Customized Drug and Alcohol Treatment Near Anaheim, CA

Some Anaheim-area drug and alcohol treatment centers create cookie-cutter rehabilitation programs based on substances. For example, everyone who checks in for alcohol abuse enters the same program. They go to the same classes and engage in the same activities. These programs forget that patients are individuals with unique needs.

Pacific Bay Recovery has redefined treatment by creating customized programs for each individual that walks through the door. These plans treat both the mind and body, changing brain chemistry so our patients can live free of drugs and alcohol.

Getting to Know Our Patients — The Intake Process

The team at our substance abuse center close to Anaheim, CA, gets to know patients during the intake process. During intake, you will meet with an intake coordinator, who will:

  • Go over your medical history.
  • Review the details of your addiction.
  • Discuss your concerns and answer questions.
  • Explain your first week of treatment in detail.
  • Determine if you require medically supervised detox at the facility.

You will also meet your caseworker during this process. Your caseworker will help you make the transition to our Anaheim-area drug rehabilitation facility.

Beginning Your Treatment Journey

Some of our patients begin their journey inside our medically supervised detox center near Anaheim, CA. Medically supervised detox provides a safe way for patients to overcome their chemical dependency on drugs and alcohol. Patients have access to medical and mental health professionals who meet their physical and psychological needs. Doctors can prescribe medications to alleviate the physical symptoms of detox, while counselors meet patients’ emotional needs while helping them identify their triggers.

While many patients start with medically supervised detox, others go directly to our residential living facility to begin inpatient drug and alcohol treatment close to Anaheim, California. This program lasts for 90 days and provides much better results than shorter programs.

Structure is an important aspect of recovery. During the first day, your caseworker will take you to the residential facility and go over your daily routine. You will also meet the others in the residential facility at this time.

The following day, you will begin your daily routine. Each treatment plan is customized based on the specific needs of the patientbut can include individual counseling, cognitive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, and other classes. Patients also attend classes, such as personal training, yoga, and meditation, to help them build healthy habits for the long term.

As patients attend classes at our alcohol abuse treatment center a short distance from Anaheim, they notice their cravings begin to dissipate. Each program is designed to change the brain’s chemistry to reduce and eventually eliminate cravings. This empowers patients and makes them excited about living their lives without substances.

Anaheim, CA-Area Substance Abuse Treatment for Long-Term Success

Recovery is a long-term process, and patients must remain dedicated to the process after leaving our substance abuse center in the Anaheim area. Many patients transition from inpatient rehab to our 21-month intensive outpatient program. Substance abuse specialists customize outpatient programs and might include counseling, aqua therapy, psychoeducation, and more.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near Anaheim, CA

Patients who suffer from a dual diagnosis often feel lost and alone. Dealing with a mental health and substance abuse disorder can make people feel they are beyond hope, but that is not the case. People can get the help they need by undergoing dual diagnosis treatment at our facility close to Anaheim, CA.

In the past, professionals believed that mental health and substance abuse disorders should be treated separately. Unfortunately, separating the treatment does not work. Our treatment center has improved the outcomes for patients by treating the conditions together.

Dual diagnosis treatment includes:

  • Learning coping skills.
  • Education on mental health disorders.
  • Learning social skills to build healthy relationships.
  • Medications if necessary.

Anaheim Drug Abuse by the Numbers

Substance abuse is a serious problem in Anaheim. Hospitalizations and overdose deaths are reported in large numbers.

Between 2011-2015,the city of Anaheim reported:

  • 782 opioid-related emergency room visits.
  • 123 opioid overdose deaths.

Between 2013-2015, Anaheim experienced:

  • 1615 drug and alcohol-related hospitalizations.
  • 234 drug and alcohol overdose deaths.

You do not have to become a statistic. Seek help at our drug and alcohol treatment facility near Anaheim, CA.

Accessible Treatment for All Budgets

Far too many Anaheim residents believe they cannot get treatment because they don’t have the financial resources to do so. Our Anaheim area substance abuse center believes that money should not be an obstacle to treatment. Along with accepting insurance and workers’ compensation claims, we also offer payment plans. Regardless of your financial situation, help is accessible and available.

Reclaim Your Life

You’ve likely heard the saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life.” That saying is true. You can make a decision today that will alter your life for the better. With our help, you can finally get back on solid footing and experience the joy that a substance-free life can bring.

As long as you continue to use substances, you’re living on borrowed time. Make the change you need by contacting our drug and alcohol rehabilitation facility near Anaheim, CA, today.