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UnitedHealthcare California Insurance for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

The story of addiction and substance abuse is all too familiar to us at Pacific Bay Recovery. It is a tragic one, starting with a sense of isolation, and drifting friends, concerned family, strained relationships, and a constant struggle to lead a healthy work-life balance. 


Every aspect of life seems to drain away and diminish as addiction fills more and more of the void these things leave behind. When this happens, you need a rehabilitation facility that focuses on you because you are unique, and so is your recovery journey. Thankfully, if you have UnitedHealthcare California insurance, then you now have Pacific Bay Recovery at your disposal. 


We understand that not only is it a struggle already to deal with addiction, but it can also be even more of an uphill battle to find the right resources to defeat that addiction. Unfortunately, most facilities specializing in addiction are limited to certain insurance carriers, alienating people all across California who need help. Now that we accept UnitedHealthcare, we are hoping to reach more and more of those people.


If you are a resident of San Diego or the greater Southern California area, and you have UnitedHealthcare California Insurance, you can rely on Pacific Bay Recovery to provide you with long-lasting recovery. The time to end your addiction is now. Do not go it alone any longer. Let us help. 


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What Is UnitedHealthcare California Insurance?

UnitedHealthcare is a health insurance provider dedicated to your health and well-being, helping millions of people get the aid they need all across the United States. With the incredible network available to UnitedHealthcare, members of all ages have the best resources available all the time whenever they need them. 


Member care and satisfaction are UnitedHealthcare’s top priorities. We offer a wide variety of health benefit programs for all ages and lifestyles. Just as well, UnitedHealthcare believes in the rights of its members, abiding by the Member Bill of Rights and Responsibilities they created. 


Superior Rehabilitation at Pacific Bay Recovery

When battling drug use and alcohol dependency, it is vitally important that you select a care and treatment program that will focus on you as an individual. Everyone is different, and that means the problems they face in their lives are unique to them. That is why, at Pacific Bay Recovery, we believe in creating recovery and treatment programs that are tailor-made for the individual.


Because of this, Pacific Bay Recovery offers the best drug and alcohol recovery center in Southern California. While many other recovery facilities only accept certain insurance providers, Pacific Bay Recovery is doing everything we can to expand our list. Now that we accept UnitedHealthcare California insurance, our goal is to reach as many people in need of help as possible. 


We perform comprehensive examinations of our patients, including musculoskeletal, cognitive, neurocognitive, and psychological exams, to ensure we have a complete picture of them as individuals. Afterward, the patient enters our detoxification facility to get any and all substances out of your system safely and painlessly.


After detoxification, we move our patients onto 90 days of closely managed inpatient treatment. Then, we follow up with 21 months of outpatient services. With this plan, we facilitate our patients’ safe and efficient recovery and give them the greatest chance of success for returning to a life of health and wellness.


Addiction is not something you should deal with by yourself. It is a lonely and unforgiving battle, not to mention a tough one to fight. If you or a loved one need help beating drug or alcohol addiction, trust in the services we provide at Pacific Bay Recovery. We have maintained an A+ accreditation from the Better Business Bureau for the last eight years and have helped countless people get their lives back on track.


Call us right now at (619) 350-8220, and we can work together to beat your addiction.

Alcohol Rehab Coverage with UnitedHealthcare

Alcohol addiction is a powerfully destructive dependency and one that many people may not realize they have. Alcohol dependence has a way of subtly draining the life out of relationships and ruining one’s ability to function as an individual. It is a complex disease that should not be underestimated, nor should it be confronted alone. 


With the help provided by Pacific Bay Recovery, you can count on top-notch rehab facilities to help break your alcohol addiction or help a loved one who’s struggling. Our program ensures a smooth and reliable transition back to normalcy using group therapy, psychotherapy, and holistic treatment techniques. This multi-pronged strategy allows us to work together to effectively overcome alcohol addiction with the highest possible chance of success.


With our recovery programs, you can trust us to identify your triggers, help you to resist your cravings, and teach you how to cope with any traumas that may have led to the development of your addiction. 


Alcohol Detoxification at Pacific Bay Recovery

The initial step to recovery from alcohol addiction is detoxification. Therefore, the first thing you will do when coming to Pacific Bay Recovery is to enter our detoxification program, during which you will be assigned a case manager and a team of doctors to oversee your health and recovery. 


However, to supplement the process and bolster recovery, we focus on lifestyle changes to help prevent your addiction from taking up again. We will also provide custom treatment plans that address the issues in your life and offer goals for you to complete for the future. With a list of tasks and chores, we can help you make adjustments naturally, reducing the chance of relapse.

Drug Rehab Coverage with UnitedHealthcare

If you or a loved one are fighting an addiction to drugs or substance abuse, Pacific Bay Recovery understands your struggle. Our treatment and recovery programs offer those struggling with substance use the best chance at successfully returning to a healthy life.


With us, you can rely on the training we provide to beat your addiction and our support systems to provide understanding and perspective when needed. In addition, Pacific Bay Recovery offers confidential evaluation for your privacy, so you don’t need to feel vulnerable or afraid.


With our rehabilitation centers, we provide treatment programs for the following substances:


  • Prescription sedatives
  • Prescription stimulants
  • Hallucinogens
  • Marijuana
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Synthetic Marijuana
  • Other synthetics


You can trust that our facilities are the best in San Diego and the greater Southern California area. If you have an addiction to any of the above substances and need help regaining control over your life, please give us a call at 619-350-8220.

Drug Detoxification with Pacific Bay Recovery

When dealing with an addiction to drugs, the best and first step is to enter our detox program. Our program starts with medical detoxification. The Pacific Bay Recovery facility has the resources and specialists to provide you with maximum comfort as your system begins to function without relying on substances. 


Once this step is complete, we provide you with medical assistance, counseling, and psychiatric services. The best way to achieve recovery is to treat any and all underlying issues, so our goal is to attend to any emotional or medical needs you may have.


Call us today at (619) 350-8220, and we can help you put an end to your addiction.