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Why Do People Get Addicted To Pain Killers?

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Painkillers or analgesics are taken for pain relief but the relief they offer is only short-term. They also produce a sense of euphoria apart from pain relief. Prolonged use of painkillers can lead to physical dependence. Patients may experience withdrawal symptoms ifand when they stop taking the drug. Then there are narcotic painkillers are opium based.

Prescribed doses would not, in most cases, lead to addiction. But if painkillers are taken over a long period of time or more than the recommended dosage, it can lead to dependence and addiction.
When taken for long periods, these painkillers create a hyper-sensitivity to pain.This is a condition called hyperalgesia, in which the continued use of opiate medication causes the brain to create many more pain receptors. The experience of pain increases greatly, much more than the person’s physical condition. In other words your painkillers can worsen your pain.

Symptoms of Pain Medication Addiction

Painkiller addiction occurs when someone starts taking prescription medication more than or for longer than the doctor’s recommendation. This is typically done to get high or relieve anxiety. People who are addicted to painkillers have:

• strong desire or craving to use painkillers
• socially isolate themselves
• withdrawal symptoms upon stopping painkillers

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