COVID 19 Notice


Our 2023 Covid-19 Policy

OUR MISSION: Pacific Bay Recovery and Pacific Medical Care will always be committed to providing safe and supportive care while providing the appropriate urgent and emergent drug and alcohol treatment- without interruption. It is further our intent to be prepared to provide emergency intervention and treatment to the surrounding community of treatment programs and possibly the community of San Diego; where possible and when needed.


UV-C Light (ultraviolet light with a wavelength between 200 and 280 nanometers) is a known killer of virus and bacteria. We have installed UV lighting fixtures in all ventilation systems throughout our facilities to ensure UV sterilization. Further UV treatment availability for hands, rooms, packages, and other appropriate items coming and leaving facilities is implemented hourly. ALL RESOURCES OF ALCOHOL SANITIZERS AND OTHER CLEANING AGENTS ARE ALREADY BEING UTILIZED APPROPRIATELY. We have carefully placed on hold all non-urgent outpatient care to the general public as well as our transportation program to maximize efforts of social distancing and precautionary safety measures.


All recommended CDC guidelines have been implemented at Pacific Bay Recovery and Pacific Medical Care, without exception; since day one of the outbreak reports in the US.


Temperature is a tell sign of potential viral infection with this particular strain. We are implementing a temperature check of all patients and staff three times daily, and at any sign of symptoms. In addition, residential facilities will be treated with UV light 2 times a day where possible using the highest quality handheld devices. Appropriate eye protection will be utilized during any exposure to UV light.


Pacific Medical Care has on hand multiple top-of-the-line breathing devices (CPAP — continuous positive airway pressure) that can be used during emergency shortage periods, if necessary, for respiratory support, as well as a planned secured amount of IV fluids and potential antibiotics for worsening conditions. Food provisions have been provided for all patients and staff for 21-30 days. All entrances and exits to the building are secured requiring permission to enter. We have requested access to 3rd and 4th flood approx 20,000 additional square feet for emergent hospital facilities if needed. All staff members are instructed in social distancing and policy of exposure, reporting illness of self or contact without hesitation. We have established a clean room for individuals at risk for assessment. All new admissions will be screened, assessed, tested if possible, and monitored closely in isolation for a minimum of 72 hours while safety is established.


Family night and all other non-urgent contact has been postponed until further notice. Passes and visitation has been postponed- however accommodations can and will be made. Skype and other mechanisms to maintain close contact with family and friends where appropriate are readily available.


Pacific Bay Recovery and Pacific Medical Care’s legal counsel, Mr. Gonzales, is currently reaching out to the DHCS to establish our facilities for whatever assistance we may be during this pandemic. Emergency protocols will be updated daily as indicated and will remain in effect until further notice.


As always, we encourage anybody to contact us directly for any questions or concerns, at any point. We are here to support you and your loved ones to the utmost of our abilities.