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Exercise & Nutrition

You’ve likely heard of the importance of regular exercise to maintain a healthy weight. You might not realize that regular gym exercises can also support addiction recovery. Many people combine gym exercises with other treatment methods to achieve sobriety today and for the long term. Learn more about cardio and strength training options at the gym and find out how exercise can aid in your path toward substance-free living.

Types of Exercise Available

You will have access to gym equipment where you can engage in cardio and strength training exercises. Cardio exercises increase your breathing and heart rate and improve the function of your circulatory system, lungs, and heart. Boxing, riding an exercise bike, jogging on a treadmill, and other gym exercises are cardio exercises. When you engage in cardio exercises, take special care to reach and maintain your ideal heart rate.

Strength training exercises include lifting weights and are used to improve your endurance and strength. You can use machines or free weights for strength training.

It’s best to include both cardio and strength training as part of your exercise routine. When you do both, you will maximize your results. You can engage in cardio exercises daily, but give yourself a day off between strength training. Your muscles need the break to repair and heal.

How Do Gym Exercises Help with Substance Abuse Rehabilitation?

Research has shown that exercise benefits people in recovery in a variety of ways. First, gym exercises increase the production of endorphins. Endorphins are the body’s feel-good chemicals. When your body is pumped full of endorphins, you will feel light and happy and also have less stress. That makes it much easier to overcome addiction.

It also alleviates the tension that can build up during recovery. It’s normal to suffer from tight muscles as you embark on this new chapter of your life. When you move your body in the gym, the tension actually goes away so you feel physically better. When your body doesn’t hurt, it’s easier to tackle your addiction. You can focus on recovery instead of thinking of the aches and pains you feel.

Exercise is also an excellent way to clear your mind. Many recovery experts talk about the importance of meditation. When you meditate, you clear your mind, which improves your mental clarity and focus. Exercise clears your mind while you are in motion. Instead of worrying about the stresses of life, you’ll be focused on your body and the movements it’s performing. When you’re able to quiet down the thoughts in your head, it’s much easier to live in the present moment. That, of course, makes it easier to stay on track with your recovery.

Regular gym exercises can also improve your self-confidence. This is very important when recovering from drugs and alcohol. Addition can hurt your self-esteem, so you might not feel confident going into recovery. Getting a boost of self-confidence will give you the power you need to move from one stage of recovery to the next. You won’t doubt yourself as you take the steps needed to recover from drugs and alcohol. Instead, you will feel confident that you will overcome your addiction.

You’ll also discover that you sleep better after you begin a gym exercise routine. This is due to various factors, including temperature changes during and after exercise and improved mental health. As you likely know, insomnia can occur during addiction treatment, so this is a huge benefit. When you’re well-rested, it will be easier for you to do the work necessary to recover.

Finally, gym exercises allow you to build a sense of community with other people in recovery. You will make friends and solidify relationships at the gym, and this can help you as you power through the recovery process. You will learn to lean on your friends as you face triggers during recovery.

Engage in Gym Exercises at Pacific Bay Recovery

Pacific Bay Recovery’s gym equipment access is part of its holistic treatment protocol. The gym equipment is available to all residents, so they can add it to their treatment strategy. When you combine the gym with other treatment protocols, you will find that it’s much easier to navigate through recovery. It will be one more tool in your toolbox that helps you unlock your potential and overcome your addiction.

Contact Pacific Bay Recovery to learn more about drug and alcohol treatment. The intake counselor can also answer your questions regarding gym equipment access and recovery.

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