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Pain Treatment In San Diego

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We recognize that dependence and addiction to pain medication, which was prescribed by a doctor and intended to treat a medical condition, has unique physiological and psychological considerations. It is not uncommon for chronic pain sufferers to wake up one day without adequate pain relief, dependent on pain medications and no understanding how they got there or why they were never told about the risks of these powerful medications.

We understand the needs of these patients are very different then someone suffering from substance abuse as the result of recreational use. A person with a painful condition requires integrated treatment that will address:

  • Their Pain and It’s Cause
  • Medication Dependence and Addiction Issues
  • Co-occurring Medical and Psychological Conditions
  • Physical and Functional Restoration Addressing the Whole Person
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Pain does not just affect the body, and left untreated, can lead to severe health, psychological and social issues. The fear, depression and anxiety that accompany pain can be unbearable and greatly limit one’s ability to work, be present for their family or enjoy the most basic aspects of life.

Pacific Bay Recovery’s Pain Treatment Program is specifically designed to treat these concurrent health, psychological and social issues in an integrated and supportive setting.

How is “Pain Treatment” different than Pain Management?

The focus of our Pain Treatment program is to treat an individual’s underlying conditions without the use of addictive substances that often provide NO pain relief benefit when taken for extended periods, like opiates and benzodiazepines. When taken for long periods the need for these drugs will escalate and dependence will occur, as will a hyper-sensitivity to pain.

This is a condition called hyperalgesia, in which the continued use of opiate medication causes the brain to exponentially create more pain receptors. The result is the experience of greatly increased pain which is out of proportion with a person’s physical condition, in other words your pain medication may be making your pain worse. People who have no history of addiction may find themselves dependent on increasingly high doses of their medication in an unsuccessful attempt to control their chronic pain resulting in a hopeless cycle of pain and drugs.

We can help break that cycle, reduce your pain, live with more meaning and restore hope!

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