The Ultimate Addiction Recovery Guide

Addiction is a disease that needs complete treatment like any other disease. Once you decide to seek help for your substance abuse problem, there are certain steps you need to go through for complete recovery. All good rehabs follow this process to ensure that you not only overcome addiction but also cultivate a drug free lifestyle.


The first step is medical detox. Once you stop using the drugs, you will experience withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms may range from nausea to increased heart beat and delusions. Detox should be done under medical supervision in a good facility. Withdrawal is managed with the help of medication that is non-addictive and constant monitoring.


Once detox is complete, the patient transitions to inpatient rehab. During inpatient rehab, psychological issues are addresses. The person goes through individual and group therapy, counseling and life skills training. S/he also learns to cultivate a drug free lifestyle as they move to complete recovery.


After inpatient rehab, patients move to ongoing support through outpatient rehab. Many people choose outpatient rehab over inpatient rehab so that they can continue work or school.

Intensive outpatient treatment offers a flexible alternative to day treatment or residential inpatient care. Patients receive an initial assessment, 12-step multidisciplinary therapy, referrals to community services, and ongoing social support. Depending on the person’s needs, clients can attend treatment 2-4 hours a day, 2-4 days a week.

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