Family, Loved Ones, and Addiction

Family, Loved Ones, and Addiction

The staff at Pacific Bay Recovery recognizes the effects that addiction imposes on family members and loved ones. Too often, addiction places strains and anxiety on family members as they fail to understand how their loved ones could “choose” drugs, alcohol, or other addictive behaviors over a healthy, normal life. High-risk behaviors, job loss, financial ruin, and declining health are obvious problems for the healthy mind, but to the mind of an addict, these behaviors have no consequence. It is hard for family members and loved ones to watch addicted individuals make decisions that put them in harm’s way, and it can create a rift between the addict and loved ones.

At Pacific Bay Recovery, we focus not only on treating the patient but on involving and supporting the entire family in understanding the addiction process, the road to recovery, and the family support required for long-term addiction-free living. By making the support network a part of the treatment, we are able to improve the likelihood of success while mending important relationships. Dealing with addiction is a family struggle, and we are here to help.

Family Support Options

We employ highly trained psychologists and psychiatrists that specialize in addiction behavioral sciences and family care. We offer family member support meetings weekly that focus on educating family members about addiction and how to help their loved ones and themselves. In addition, we offer weekly family support group meetings designed to include the patient and their family members. This meeting focuses on addiction, recovery, family issues, and the importance of support during inpatient care and aftercare. Finally, in special-needs cases where the family and addicted loved one have become severely disconnected, we offer ongoing situational specific therapy by appointment.

Find Yourself Through Treatment

It’s easy for family members and loved ones to lose themselves when dealing with someone who suffers from addiction. They put their lives on hold to help their loved one, and they forget their own needs in the process. At the same time, they grow resentful of the addict for taking up so much of their time. Our treatment options will help you rebalance your life and regain your power. At the same time, we will help you preserve important relationships. Now isn’t just the time for your loved one to heal. It’s time for you to heal, as well.

Contact us today so you can embark on the road to recovery with your family member or loved one.

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