Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Planning

Aftercare Planning With Pacific Bay Recovery

Pacific Bay Recovery places significant emphasis on relapse prevention. Each and every client receives weekly training tailored to their individual needs to ensure they possess the tools for long-term, addiction-free living. The goals of this cognitive-behavioral approach toward treating the disease of addiction are detecting and preventing high-risk and compulsive behavior.

While we offer repetitive training that helps with the development of addiction-free living skills, it is the willingness, dedication, and ability of the clients themselves that equips them to better handle situations and triggers in the outside world. We are a member of the team, but we can’t do it alone. We need your help if you’re going to be successful.

Aftercare Planning – The Key to Success

Aftercare planning plays a vital role in the success of long-term addiction-free living. Entering a treatment program is a scary, life-changing decision for most addicts. However, leaving a treatment program can be equally challenging or scary for the recovering addict, sometimes even more so. At Pacific Bay Recovery, all of our staff are dedicated in their efforts to devise an individualized aftercare plan.

The framework of that plan must address core needs for the client, such as:

  • Returning to a safe and stable living environment
  • Gaining support of family and friends
  • Making necessary changes to the circle of friends
  • Returning to previous employment, if any, or creating a plan to gain employment
  • Receiving ongoing outpatient treatment

Of course, many other issues exist and must be addressed. However, the above issues are critical to the development of a successful aftercare plan. Far too often, clients, friends and family, employers, or individuals within support circles believe that a client’s recovery is complete at the end of inpatient treatment. This is a total misconception. The life-skills training and decision-making processes we foster with our clients are designed to be applied after initial treatment and become the framework for long-term addiction-free living.

Pacific Bay Recovery takes the aftercare process very seriously. We remain available to support our patients for years in the future as they work diligently to maintain a healthy recovery. Contact us today so we can help you begin your journey to recovery. We look forward to partnering with you to help you become a healthier, happier person. With our help, you will regain control of your life and finally realize just how much fun living can be.

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