The 3 Key Steps To Adiction Treatment at Rehab Centers

The journey to a healthy life takes motivation and commitment. The road to a drug free life begins with one step at a time. At the topdrug rehab centers in San Diego, the specific steps of treatment may vary according individual needs but all recovery processes have commonkey elements.


Intake determines which program at thedrug rehab centers in San Diego is the right fit for you. At this stage, you may have to undergo some diagnostic tests to determine how the program can be customized for you. The best drug rehab centers in San Diego, such as Pacific Bay Recovery, will assess the severity of your addiction and drug use history as well.


Leading drug rehab centers in San Diego, such as Pacific Bay Recovery, will conduct a phase of detoxification at the start of the treatment. Detox is designed to remove drugs and alcohol from the body. When a person’s body is accustomed to a drug or alcohol and the substance is removed, the body may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. Medically supervised detox aims to ease the severity of the withdrawal process during detox. Medical detox involves use of medication to wean the person off drugs and eased withdrawal.


At the best drug rehab centers in San Diego, patients will move to rehab after detox. The reasons and issues behind the addiction are addressed using individual therapy, group therapy and family therapy. The person learns skills to cope with stressors and triggers so that s/he can go on and live a healthy life.

To discuss your or a loved one’s rehabilitation, call the best drug rehab center in San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery at 858-263-9700 or visit NOW


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