3 Facts About Drug and Alcohol Treatment

There are many myths and false beliefs around drug and alcohol treatment. Most people do not know how drug treatment centers can help them overcome addiction. San Diego drug treatment and alcohol treatment center,Pacific Bay Recovery shares 3 most important facts about addiction treatment.

Detox Alone Will Not Work

Drug or medical detox is an important, and often the first,step in the treatment process. It is designed to rid your body of the drug or alcohol and manage withdrawal under professional supervision. But detox alone is not the entire treatment. San Diego drug and alcohol treatment center provides inpatient and outpatient programs that follow detox. These are essential for long term success since they include life skills building, psychological therapy, counseling and other support to stay off drugs or alcohol and recover fully.

Inpatient and Outpatient Drug Treatment Are Different

When you look for a San Diego drug treatment center, you’ll find two distinct program options – inpatient and intensive outpatient. Inpatient treatment plan is the best because it helps you overcome your addiction and recover in a safe and secure environment away from the stress and the triggers. Outpatient programs are great for those who can’t stay away from home during treatment. Outpatient programs are also advised to those who have just overcome their addiction for ongoing support during recovery.

Integrative Treatments Are Most Effective

San Diego drug treatment center, Pacific Bay Recovery, offers integrative treatment that includes multiple therapies. You are treated as a whole and your addiction is not seen in isolation. Such treatment helps you build skills to cope with stress and other triggers so that you can cultivate a drug-free lifestyle.

To know more, call the best San Diego drug and alcohol treatment center, Pacific Bay Recovery at 858-263-9700 NOW.

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