3 Great Tricks To Deal With Cravings

It is natural for anyone, who has ever used drugs or alcohol,to experience cravings.These urges can be extremely disturbing, even to the extent of being painful at times. In the initial phase of recovery, the cravings can be especially uncomfortable. Cravings can also be triggered by events such as celebrations. Addiction experts at drug rehab center in San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery share three easy ways to deal with cravings and urges.

Great drug rehab and detox centers offer aftercare and ongoing support after you have been through medical detox or an inpatient program. These programs are conducted inpatient and you may crave for the substance you were addicted to, once you are back to your familiar environment. So do not panic and call your rehab expert for help if you experience a craving again.


Go watch a movie or play your favorite sport to divert your attention to things which excite you or take your mind off the drug or alcohol. When you indulge in activities like that, endorphins are released in the brain that boost your mood and fight the craving. During medical detox, cravings and withdrawals are managed with safe, non-addictive medication at Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego.


Great drug rehab and detox centers such as San Diego’s Pacific Bay Recovery equip you with life skills that help you cope with such times when you may experience a craving or an urge to use the substance again. Psychotherapy, yoga, meditation and other therapies are used to boost confidence and manage self.

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