3 Secrets To Recover from Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is the co-existence of substance abuse and a behavioral disorder or mental illness. Many people suffering from drug abuse issues also have behavioral issues such as anxiety, depression and other behavioral disorders. Often the two conditions fuel each other making the situation more complicated. Experts at one of the best dual diagnosis treatment centers in San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery, share secrets on how to recover from dual diagnosis.


You cannot deal with dual diagnosis on your own. If you or a loved one is suffering from or showing signs of dual diagnosis or substance abuse, seek help at one of the top San Diego drug treatment centers, Pacific Bay Recovery. Dual diagnosis needs to be treated under medical supervision that is available only at select drug rehabs such as dual diagnosis treatment centers in San Diego.


Both individual and group therapy is required to help a person recover from dual diagnosis. The inpatient program at the leading San Diego drug treatment centers, such as Pacific Bay Recovery, includes individual therapy and group therapy under the supervision of medical professionals and drug de-addiction experts. This helps to treat both disorders.


There is a risk for relapse in substance abuse cases, especially dual diagnosis patients. The long term outpatient program with Pacific Bay Recovery, one of the best dual diagnosis centers in San Diego, helps to discoverand cope with habits and patterns that trigger cravings and may cause relapse. The professionals at Pacific Bay Recovery help you cope with the daily stressors that may have triggered abuse as you go back to your life.

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