3 Stages of Alcohol Treatment

The treatment of alcohol addiction at the best alcohol treatment centers in San Diego is a multi-stage process that involves detoxification, abstinence, and rehabilitation usually at an inpatient program followed by outpatient therapy. The top alcohol detox in San Diego at Pacific Bay Recovery offers personalized programs as the best way to ensure complete de-addiction and recovery.

Here is what you can expect from the best alcohol treatment centers in San Diego, such as Pacific Bay Recovery.


Alcohol detox in San Diego helps to wean patients off alcohol while managing the withdrawal symptoms a patient may exhibit. This phase involves replacement drugs to ease these symptoms and pave way for further recovery to begin.


Abstinence is a structured treatment program at Pacific Bay Recovery, one of the best alcohol treatment centers in San Diego, which helps a person stop drinking altogether.

Change and Rehabilitation

The leading alcohol treatment centers in San Diego, such as Pacific Bay Recovery, then move the person to stage 3 of the treatment. This phase is concerned with bringing about lasting changes in lifestyle and habits so that the person can go onto lead a healthy life in the long term. This is generally done at an inpatient facility away from stressors and triggers that may interfere with recovery. Once you have learnt the coping skills and made changes for a period of 30-90 days, you can go back to your normal life while continuing support is provided at an outpatient facility.

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