3 Telltale Signs of Drug Abuse

It is not always easy to spot signs when someone around you is abusing drugs or alcohol. But it is easier to treat addiction in the early stages rather than when a person hits rock bottom. One of the best drug rehab centers, San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery describes 5 warning signs of drug abuse so that you can get your loved ones professional help as early as possible.


Behavioral changes are usually the first sign of substance abuse. The person may withdraw from social interaction or suddenly start socializing with a new group of friends. S/he may also display atypical behaviors, such as not engaging in activities s/he used to enjoy and decline in performance at school or work. Drug abuse can also trigger aggressiveness and sometimes, violent behavior. Inpatient rehab San Diego would use multiple therapies such as counseling and psychological therapy to help the person cope with triggers and other factors that fuel addiction.


A person with substance abuse issues may not be able to communicate normally. They may withdraw from talking about things, suddenly become too verbally expressive or even incoherent at times. Good drug rehab centers San Diego, such as Pacific Bay Recovery, have trained therapists who help your loved one get rid of addiction and learn life skills to lead a normal life.


Another important warning sign that your loved one needs an inpatient rehab, San Diego is that s/he suddenly begins to dress inappropriately, appears disheveled or stops caring about his/her appearance any longer. One of the leading drug rehab centers San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery, has multiple treatment options to help your loved one recover fully from substance abuse.

To know more about inpatient rehab and other treatment options at drug rehab centers, San Diego, call Pacific Bay Recovery at 858-263-9700 NOW.

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