3 Things You Should Know About Drug Detox

The first step is the biggest when it comes to drug de-addiction and detox. Most people are scared of taking the first step, thanks to the media portrayal of drug withdrawal. Detox is the critical first step in your drug de-addiction and recovery process. Pacific Bay Recovery Drug Rehab Center at San Diego explains important things you should know about detox and withdrawal.

Drug Detox is Step 1

Before moving to drug rehab, detox should be completed. Detox eases the discomfort of withdrawal by systematically preparing the body for it. Inpatient integrative medical detox at Pacific Bay Recovery center, San Diego has a very high success rate for quickly withdrawing people from drugs over a 7-day period.

Detox is only Step 1

Medical detox is not the entire process. It is only the first step towards withdrawal from substance abuse under medical supervision. Detox helps rid the client of substances quickly and curb cravings. Once detox is complete, the brain’s neurochemistry is somewhat stabilized so an accurate assessment can be made and further treatment undertaken.

Physician assisted medical detox

In substance abuse, both body and mind become dependent on it. The physical addiction needs medical treatment that is done with safer medication. The medication used is safe and eliminates the urge to use drugs or alcohol as the substitute fulfills the physical need to use the drug. The entire detox process is conducted at Pacific Bay Recovery drug detox and rehab center at San Diego under the supervision of a highly skilled physician.

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