3 Top Myths About Drug Detox Kits

Drug detox kits available in the market require users to take a handful of supplements each day for months, most of which are often expensive. Though the each one is different, one common thing is the ineffectiveness and safety issues.

Drug Detox Kits Are Not Safe

Drug detox kits aren’t safe because they are not made to cater to the patient’s personal needs. If the user has dual diagnosis or some other issue, there could be a complication which could result in a disaster with no medical care available.Medical detox at top detox centers in San Diego, such as Pacific Bay Recovery, is conducted under medical supervision so that any unforeseen issues can be handled professionally.

Drug Detox Kits Aren’t a Treatment Program

A great rehab center San Diego uses more than detox to help a patient suffering from drug abuse. Psychotherapy is an important component of treatment at Medical Detox centers in San Diego. Detox is only the first step. Simply putting a stop to drug use is not the complete solution. In fact, it may result in outcomes that could prove dangerous without medical supervision.

There Is No Miracle Cure

Detox centers in San Diego, such as Pacific Bay Recovery, will allow detox to last as long as it takes the patient to stabilize physically and mentally. An important goal of the leading rehab center San Diego is also to help prepare the patient physically and mentally for the work that lies ahead in therapy and counseling.

To know more about the best detox centers in San Diego and how you can benefit from them, call Pacific Bay Recovery at 858-263-9700 or visit: pacificbayrecovery.com.

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