3 Undeniable Reasons To Choose Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Linda suffers from depression for the past few years. She believes alcohol is the answer to her condition and drinks excessively without realizing that her drinking is maintaining her depression. This is a classic case of dual diagnosis. Also known as co-occurring disorders (COD), dual diagnosis means having some category of mental illness along with substance abuse. Dual diagnosis treatment at the best San Diego rehab, Pacific Bay Recovery addresses the addiction AND the mental health disorder at the same time. Here is why you should choose dual diagnosis treatment center, Pacific Bay Recovery, at San Diego.


Standard de-addiction programs do not address mental health issues and that could end in relapse. To ensure full recovery, it is important that both conditions be treated simultaneously. Dual diagnosis treatment center at San Diego’s Pacific Bay Recovery treats behavioral health issues and substance issues concurrently.


Dual Diagnosis patients need treatment in a supervised setting that is available at the best inpatient rehabs such as Pacific Bay Recovery at San Diego. Many patients with co-occurring disorders need intensive rehab services and clinical monitoring at the best dual diagnosis treatment centers available in San Diego.


Recovery is generally longer for Dual Diagnosis patients due to low motivation and high denial.So treatment has to be long enough to reinforce the skills and strategies learnt during the rehab.This is possible only at the leading dual diagnosis treatment centers in San Diego, like Pacific Bay Recovery, who offer exemplary care that extends beyond ordinary counseling or medication, improving the odds for lifelong recovery and a happy and fulfilling life.

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