4 Excellent Reasons To Choose Dual Diagnosis Treatment IN San Diego

Top 4 Reasons

Dual diagnosis is defined by the coinciding, organized treatment of those with both substance abuse issues and mental illness. Statistics from the Journal of the American Medical Association show approximately 50% of individuals with serious mental disorders are also affected by substance abuse. Twenty-nine percent of people diagnosed with mental illness also abuse either alcohol or drugs.

Top dual diagnosis treatment center, Pacific Bay Recovery, specializes as a dual diagnosis treatment center in San Diego helping patients who suffer from drug, alcohol, and other addictions that co-exist with mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, and Bipolar disorder, trauma and more.

Save time and money

Integrated treatment simultaneously for substance abuse and mental illness saves you the time and money of getting two different treatments at two different times. Dual diagnosis treatment for both disorders is done at the same facility, Pacific Bay Recovery, in San Diego.

Focused support

Mental illness or abuse, anyone could have come first. Often emotional issues or lack of coping skills can cause substance abuse. Treating the mental disorder allows therapists to understand if that is the cause of your addiction and create your treatment plan accordingly. This makes your dual diagnosis treatment and rehabilitation more effective in San Diego.

Prevent a relapse

If only the addiction is treated, patients’ mental illness might still exist once they leave rehab. Underlying emotional issues often trigger abuse and may cause relapse. This could make the person dependent on the abused substance again increasing the chances of relapse. Integrated dual diagnosis treatment at San Diegos Pacific Bay Recovery clinic provides you with the tools required to deal with emotional issues and triggers.

Increase your chances of rehab success

Any rehab treatment can be emotionally overwhelming adding to the existing mental illness. If the mental or psychological issue is treated together with substance abuse, it can help to reduce the emotional stress making the rehab process much easier. In other words, dual diagnosis treatment increases your chances of success at rehab in San Diego.

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