4 Facts About Addiction You Should Know

Drug addiction is a menace that grows with each passing day. From prescription and recreational drugs to alcohol, substance abuse affects millions. Here are a few facts about drug addiction and control that you should know.

How much does the United States spend annually on drug control efforts?

Controlling drug addiction costs at least $100 billion a year. Federal spending in the United States alone totals around $15 billion annually and according to one estimate, state and local drug-related criminal justice expenditures amount to $25.7 billion.

Is drug addiction a disease or just a lack of willpower?

Contrary to popular belief, drug addiction is a disease that affects the body and mind. Addiction is defined as a chronic, relapsing brain disease characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. Drugs change the brain’s structure and how it works.

Can drug addiction be treated?

Fortunately, drug addiction can be treated. Leading rehabs, such as Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego, can create a complete treatment plan, beginning with detox and going up to ongoing support to prevent relapse, to help you lead a drug-free life.

Can a person just stop taking drugs?

Since the person’s body becomes dependent on drugs and drugs also change the way the brain functions, it is difficult to stop taking drugs on one’s own. Good rehabs have trained, professional staff that is prepared to help you get rid of the drug and create a drug-free life, using different therapies and treatments. If you are looking for complete recovery, seek a good rehab with trained and experienced professionals.

If you are looking for one of the best San Diego drug rehab centers, call Pacific Bay Recovery at 858-263-9700. The San Diego substance abuse treatment facility offers innovative therapies utilizing a combination of group therapy, individual psychotherapy, and holistic treatment techniques that have proven high success rates.

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