4 Stages of Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Millions of Americans have a drinking problem. Seeking treatment can be scary for most people since they have no clue what happens in rehab or how bad their withdrawal symptoms would be. Remember that going through a professional rehab program increases your chances of recovery manifold.

Here are the typical steps in an alcohol addiction treatment program in San Diego, starting with detox and going up to intensive outpatient treatment.


When you check into a rehab, the first thing is to evaluate the severity of the abuse and your current health. You may have to answer several questions about your addiction. Your answers will be used to create a treatment plan that’s tailor-made to suit your needs. Honest responses will help treatment providers to help you better.

Medical Detox

The second step is to wean your system off the alcohol or “detox.” This includes physical and mental withdrawal symptoms, some of which can cause serious health problems. That is why an in-patient detox facility with round-the-clock medical supervision is recommended.

Inpatient Treatment

Detox focuses on overcoming the physical effects of addiction. Inpatient treatment helps with the emotional, psychological, and mental aspects. Individual, group and family therapy can help to overcome the stress and triggers that started the addiction.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Once you are out of the inpatient rehab, you go back into “the real world”. To help you with the transition, great rehabs offer intensive outpatient treatment programs, such as Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego. This includes programs that help with relapse prevention and leading a healthy, active life.

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