4 Warning Signs that You May Be Headed To A Relapse

After residential rehab, much of the work to be done involves learning skills to avoid a relapse. A single lapse can lead to a rapid slide back into addiction. To prevent this relapse, it’s important to go through an intensive outpatient treatment in San Diego. Here are the four key signs that may indicate relapse.


Most people are advised to go through intensive outpatient treatment in San Diego, at Pacific Bay Recovery. Sometimes, a recovering addict may start making excuses for not attending sessions. If you are going through alcohol addiction treatment in San Diego, these therapy sessions are important to prevent relapse


If recovering addicts start acting the way they did prior to recovery, it can be a sign that the person may revert to old habits, heading to relapse. The intensive outpatient treatment program in San Diego helps you cope with such mood swings and prevents relapse.


During recovery, people learn new habits and skills to cope with stress and triggers. If they are seen going back to old habits, it can be a warning sign that the person may relapse. When someone is struggling with recovery, one of the first signs of a problem is a lapse in healthy habits that support sobriety.


It may seem harmless but visiting an old friend or place from the days of abuse can be a red flag pointing to relapse. The intensive outpatient treatment in San Diego helps to cope with any urges or triggers that may tempt you into abuse again.

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