5 Signs That Mean Your Loved One Needs Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Many people believe that drug addiction is just a weakness. The fact is that addiction is a unique disease. It brings denial, lying, avoidance, withdrawal and dysfunction in its wake. If you have been through the following, there are chances that your loved one needs drug and alcohol rehab San Diego.

    • Requests and reasoning with the substance abuser to quit
    • Empty threats
    • Lies and forgetfulness
    • Your loved one’s inability to quit upon trying

When this happens, everyone involved, including the person abusing drugs or alcohol and the family and friends, become trapped in a never ending cycle of such behaviors. Only professional help from rehab centers in San Diego, such as Pacific Bay Recovery, can break this vicious cycle.

The biggest red flags that your loved one needs drug and alcohol rehab in San Diego is when the situation starts getting worse. A few examples of a worsening addiction are –

    • Changes in communication – talking too much or not at all
    • Changes in performance – at school or at work
    • Changes in behavior – increased aggression, violence, self-harm, arguments, blaming, unusual anxiety, depression or fears
    • Deteriorating health – hospitalization, overdose in worst cases
    • Problems with the police / law – theft, DUI
    • Sudden Losses—divorce, unemployment

If you have witnessed a few or more of these signs in your loved one, it is a clear indicator that you need to get him/her to the best drug and alcohol rehab San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery. For a free and confidential consultation, call 858-263-9700.