5 Telltale Signs your Teen is on Drugs

While parents may not consider kids and drugs to be a likely association, it’s not uncommon.

Although is true that sometimes your kid may simply be acting up as a typical teenager, it doesn’t hurt to know the tell tale signs of drug use to ensure that your kid is safe and can get help in time.

Unusual problems at school

Irritability due to drug use can cause problems at school. Such kids won’t complete homework and lose motivation to study which is usually followed by poor grades.

Unexplained injuries

Too many needle marks and bruises on your child’s forearm is a sign of a heroin abuse. It could also be linked to a psychological issue involving uncontrolled hurtful behavior towards self.

Unreasonable behavioral changes

Drug users lack inhibition. Such children may show strange behavior like suddenly laughing or crying at a very random.

Avoiding interaction

Unless your kid is usually reserved or shy, changing to such behavior, all of a sudden, could be an alarm bell. Drug users usually don’t like associating with non-users.

If you notice sudden disappearances at very odd hours, and avoiding all social interaction, it could be a warning sign of drug use.

Change in appearance

One of the most common signs of drug abuse is a drastic change in appearance. Most kids on drugs will have bloodshot eyes, a sleepy or very attentive look, frequent nosebleeds, unkempt hair and nails and a general lack of good personal hygiene.

Change in appearance is also related to poor appetite and weight loss, common with drug use.

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