7 Compelling Reasons To Opt For Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program IN San Diego


An intensive outpatient treatment program is offered by most drug rehab centers. In an outpatient treatment program at the best drug rehabs, such as Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego, the patient travels to the rehab to attend therapy sessions and can return home the same day. Both inpatient and outpatient programs have their own advantages. Rehabilitation experts at San Diego explain the advantages of intensive outpatient treatment for drug and alcohol abuse patients.

Longer Treatment

Increased duration of intensive outpatient treatment (up to 21 months) at San Diego’s Pacific Bay Recovery rehab ensures better outcomes for drug and alcohol rehabilitation patients.


Since patients can attend therapy and return home, intensive outpatient treatment at San Diego allows you to maintain your usual routines and responsibilities.


Intensive outpatient treatment programs are generally cheaper than residential treatment and are more affordable.

Higher motivation

Since the patient can go on about his/her personal and professional life, intensive outpatient treatment programs show a higher retention rate.


An intensive outpatient treatment program lets the patients apply their newly learned coping skills to their immediate world in their own lives. This can show the rehab counselors how effective the program is for the client.

Relapse treatment

In case of a relapse, corrective measures can immediately be taken. Since the patient is exposed to the real world, s/he can be treated to deal with any triggers or urges that may cause a relapse.

Client Responsibility

Intensive outpatient treatment programs ensure greater patient responsibility since the patient is away from rehab.

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