7 Innocent Looking Things Your Teen Could Be Hiding Drugs In

Have you ever gone through your teen’s pockets because you suspected drugs? Sadly, any teen who wants to hide drugs can do it so well that you wouldn’t be able to find it. That does not mean that every teen is an addict but if you see unusual behaviour accompanied with changes in appearance, clothing, the kind of friends s/he has, it wouldn’t harm to check.

With Internet access, most kids can do a quick search online at forums that talk about drug use and get innovative ideas on how to hide drugs. Some of those hiding places include –

  • Inside a dried-out marker
  • Behind anelectrical outlet
  • Inside a disposable lighter
  • Inside air conditioner ducts
  • Inside old CD cases
  • Inside electronic gadgets
  • Inside a lipstick or deodorant case

There are hundreds of products available for easy concealment.

If you have a young teen, start to teach them how dangerous drugs can be.

If you find your teen hiding drugs, find out how far s/he is into drugs. If it was just once, there may be no cause for concern. But if you realize they need professional help, seek help at the best medical detox and addiction treatment centers, such as Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego.

Good detox and addiction rehabs offer personalised treatment programs, specific to the patient’s severity of abuse and needs. To know more about how addiction treatment centres can help your teen, call Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego at 858-263-9700 or visit: pacificbayrecovery.com.

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