A Glimpse Of What To Expect At A Rehab

what to expect at a rehab

The first steps are usually the most difficult. Most people are wary of going to a rehab even after they have decided to go to overcome their drug and alcohol addiction. The primary reason is they do not know what to expect at a rehab. Addiction specialists at Pacific Bay Recovery in San Diego throw light on what goes on in a rehab helps you get rid of substance abuse.

A quality rehab would take necessary measures to not only help you overcome addiction but also avoid relapse and recover fully. To ensure that, a drug rehab center such as Pacific Bay Recovery would offer a variety of programs including detox, inpatient and outpatient treatments and rehabilitation.

Medical Detoxification

Most drug rehab centers would take you through medical detox as a first step. To break chemical dependency, systematic withdrawal is performed under medical supervision to ease the discomfort of withdrawal. It also stabilizes brain’s neurochemistry. Pacific Bay is one of San Diego’s top detox centers.

Inpatient Facility

An inpatient treatment program helps you cultivate a drug free lifestyle by keeping you in a safe, secure environment away from the triggers and temptation. Various innovative therapies are used at Pacific Bay Recovery rehab at San Diego to assist people in building psychological and behavioral skills required to lead a healthier, happier life.

Outpatient Program

Once the person has overcome the addiction, an ongoing support system in the form of Outpatient Program is generally provided by good rehab facilities. Pacific Bay’s intensive outpatient program focuses on long-term recovery and success to ensure prevention of relapse.

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