Addiction Counseling and Recovery

Counseling and therapy are vital to addiction treatment and recovery.

While some people may be able to stop their addictive behavior without counseling, most people need help to work on the deep-seated issues that triggered their addiction and caused them to start using in the first place, in order to ensure long-term sobriety and recovery.

For many people, counseling is transformative, freeing and the doorway to a drug-free life.

Counseling and addiction recovery

Counseling focuses on helping people to objectively explore their lives, experiences, values, beliefs and desires so that they can live a life where they can be truly happy.

People suffering from addictionare often filled with self-loathing from of the things they have done, the things they don’t want to face and the failures they often think they are.

And that is why people who go through counselling and therapy appear to have a better and lasting recovery since their relationship with themselves and with others are enriched.

Counseling helps them understand themselves and express and convey emotions and experiences better, in a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental environment. In such an environment, the person can begin to open up, identify, and understand their actions, behaviors and feelings. The counselor helps them navigate through the feelings and make better decisions in the future.

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