Addiction to Sleeping Pills

So many people struggle with sleep issues. And in order to deal with that, many people resort to sleeping pills, which may result in dependence on the pills. If you think there are no alternatives to help you with your sleep issues or chronic pain, know that addiction is a real possibility with sleeping pills.

Signs of Addiction

People, who take sleeping pills, often do not realize when they become addicted until they try to stop taking the pills. When they try to stop, they experience withdrawal symptoms, which is a sign of addiction. Other signs of sleeping pill dependence include –

  • Having tried to quit several times without success
  • Craving for sleep medication
  • Going from one doctor to another for prescription refills
  • Continuing taking pills despite negative consequences
  • Experiencing effects, such as frequent memory loss, because of the pills

Sleeping Pill Abuse

Sleeping pills are usually prescribed for short-term use, to be taken when needed, in cases of severe insomnia. Many people begin using sleeping pills if they have trouble sleeping or they arestruggling with anxiety or pain. When sleep medication is used in a way that is not prescribed, abuse can occur.

Sleeping pills may produce hallucinatory effects if the person takes the pills but fights the urge to sleep. Other effects include dreamless sleep, and lack of coordination.

As the brain becomes used to the effects of the sleep medication, recovery becomes harder. Fortunately, medical detox at a rehab can help you go safely through withdrawal and recover from sleeping pills addiction.