Alcoholism Triggers

Recovering from an alcohol abuse disorder is a big deal and not many alcoholics are able to do so. It’s important to understand the triggers that cause relapse to be truly successful in overcoming alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Triggers

Alcohol abuse is one of the biggest causes of preventable deaths. People begin drinking for a variety of reasons, such as coping with trauma, pain, stress and so on.

Alcoholism triggers are causes that make a person drink again after having quit. It’s essential to identify these triggers so you can be stay sober.

Spending time with the wrong crowd

Your friends can have great influence over your recovery. For example, if you are with your friends where they are serving alcohol, you may be triggered to drink. If you always drank with a particular friend on a certain occasion, going out that night to the same places is also likely to be a trigger.

Dealing with emotional issues or stress

Life will present you with emotional problems and stressful situations. Whether it’s a lost job, a relationship issue, or some other upsetting situation, some people resort to self-soothing with alcohol.

It is important to go through rehab for appropriate addiction treatment and then continue with support groups and ongoing therapy for a lasting recovery.

Good rehabs are equipped to treat a wide variety of needs including full detox programs, inpatient care and robust aftercare programs.

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