Answers To The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Drug Rehab

What Is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehab or rehabilitation is the process of treatment and recovery from drug abuse or addiction.
Drug rehab programs can be either inpatient or outpatient. They provide services for medical detoxification, psychological treatment and counseling andongoing support programs.

Who Should Go To Drug Rehab?

Anyone who thinks s/he has a problem with drug(s) or alcohol. Common symptoms include –

• loss of control over quantity and frequency of drug/alcohol use
• diminishing work or school performance due of drug/alcohol use
• spending a lot of time thinking about, using, obtaining or recovering from drugs/alcohol
• cravings for the abused drug or alcohol
• increased health and/or legal problems related to drug use
• neglecting other responsibilities
• mood swings or violent behavior
• relationship and family problems

What is the Duration of Drug Rehab?

The duration of rehab depends on your case – extent of substance abuse and the type of treatment chosen.
Outpatient drug rehab programs can last for several months since you are only required to visit the rehab a few hours every week.

Inpatient drug rehab can last from 30to 90 days. It involves round the clock care and support in a residential facility.

What is involved in Drug Rehab Treatment?

Drug addiction treatment can include medical detoxification, behavioral therapies, individual, group and family therapy and a combination of these.

• Medication – Treatment medications that are safe may be prescribed to you based on the type and extent of abuse, medical history and current needs. Medication may be required for individuals addicted to opioids/opiates, prescription medication and alcohol.
• Behavioral and Psychological Therapies– These therapies work at the core psycho-emotional issues which trigger or maintain drug use and offer coping and relapse prevention strategies.

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