Busting 4 Top Myths About Pain Management

Pain management medication has many myths around it. Understanding the facts about pain management San Diego can help you to get the right help you need to manage chronic pain without the fear of addiction. The top pain management San Diego, Pacific Bay Recovery, busts 5 top myths around pain management.

An opioid prescription will turn you into an addict

It’s possible to develop an addiction to pain medications like Vicodin.There is evidence that closely monitored medication management during pain treatment San Diegoat Pacific Bay Recovery would not develop addictive behavior. Drug seeking behavior points out that the pain is not being properly treated.

Pain patients exaggerate to get a higher dose prescribed

Pain is subjective. Everyone behaves differently to varying degrees of pain. Pain management San Diego specialists customize medication management for chronic pain patients depending on the severity of pain, tolerance and other factors.

Pain management aims to rid the patients off drugs

Pain management San Diego aims to help pain patients achieve function and pain relief without dependence, not necessarily completely cutting their drug intake.

Past addicts should not be prescribed opioid pain medication

Caution is advised when prescribing opioids to patients with a history of substance abuse or dependence. But pain medication prescription may not necessarily trigger addiction. The best solution is to seek pain treatment San Diego with Pacific Bay Recovery where experienced professional will work out the best treatment plan specific to your chronic pain condition.

To know more about pain management San Diego, call 8585-263-9700 or visit pacificbayrecovery.com NOW.

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