Goals of Addiction Treatment

Addiction treatment is complex. This is because substance abuse and addiction disrupt almost all aspects of an individual’s life.

Addiction treatment helps individuals to stop using, cultivate an addiction-free lifestyle, and achieve a productive life once they leave rehab.

Substance abuse treatment goals or addiction treatment goals are goals that the recovering individual works toward achieving. These goals must be specific and meaningful to the individual so that they can help them maintain sobriety.

Goals of a treatment program

The most effective rehabs have holistic programs to identify and treat all the aspects of a person’s addiction and its effects. These programs –

  • match therapies to the individual’s needs
  • re-adjust treatment plans to the client’s changing needs
  • address the needs of the “whole” person, including, physical, mental, social, health needs
  • work with medical personnel to identify which clients need medication, to administer and monitor proper dosages
  • involve therapy and counseling to address issues that triggered the abuse, in the first place and help the client develop coping strategies
  • educate clients about addiction, triggers, relapse, sponsors, and support networks
  • provide treatment and education to loved ones, so they can support the client in recovery

Depending on the recovering individual’s needs, the recovery program may incorporate different therapies, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, equine therapy, or yoga to help the person stay sober and healthy. Individuals can choose from inpatient or intensive outpatient programs, depending upon their individual needs.

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