Hazards of Substance Abuse

Most of us are aware of the physical hazards of substance abuse. But there are many other hazards of substance abuse that can be devastating too. These include the financial, social, and psychological hazards.

Financial Hazard

The money a person may be spending on drugs or alcohol can be better used. If you are not wealthy, this hazard is usually the first one to show up becomes obvious quickly. First, addicts run out of money to pay the bills. As abuse worsens, people find it hard to hold onto regular jobs.Some may even end up facing homelessness.

Social Hazard

As substance abuse worsens, relationships with friends and family members become strained, and even disconnected. The addict’s personality may change drastically and they begin avoiding people and that don’t allow them to indulge in the substance. Legal hazards are involved too. Whether it is DUI or other risky behavior, legal troubles are real and it may affect your life forever.

Psychological Hazard

Psychological issues are one of the worst things that can happen to a person who abuses a substance. Mental health issues and substance abuse fuel each other. This is why rehabs will assess people for mental health issues and treat the two together (dual diagnosis) for full and lasting recovery.

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