Home Opiate Detox is a Bad Idea

Opiate abuse and addiction have been growing like never before. People struggling with an opiate addiction may try to break free on their own. However, attempting home opiate detox is a bad idea, nearly always resulting in serious damage to the individual.

Overcoming an opiate addiction is not something you should do on your own. Only professional addiction treatment can help you break free of the addiction. Professional treatment includes medically supervised detox followed by an appropriate treatment plan.


Opiates are powerful medications usually prescribed to relieve chronic pain. Opiates produce a feeling of relaxation and relief. Unfortunately, this often results in an addiction to such medications.

Why is home detox a bad idea?

Opiate detox can produce many dangerous side effects which is why the person should never attempt to go through the process alone. Trying to detox from opiates at home can result in many unpleasant effects, such as –

  • Severe Pain – If you have been using opiates to relieve ongoing pain, the pain will increase when you stop using these drugs. At a professional rehab, doctors can provide you an alternative means to relieve this pain.
  • Confusion –Abruptly stopping opiate medication can impact thinking, memory, and other vital brain functions.
  • Tremors – Opiates affect the nervous system. Stopping these medications without medical supervision can prevent the nervous system from functioning normally, causing muscle weakness, tremors, and other problems.
  • Nausea and Vomiting – Digestiveissues cramping, nausea, and vomiting, can begin when you stop opiates without professional help.

How to detox from opiates

Since home opiate detox is neither safe nor effective, the best way to recover from opiate abuse is to get professional treatment at a trusted rehab center. These facilities offer programs and treatments for a safe, medical detox process as well as treatment and addiction recovery.

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