How does Detox work?

Many individuals need to take the first step of detox on the road to recovery from substance abuse and addiction.

Medically supervised detox helps individuals struggling with substance use disorder in the following ways –

  • Wean the body off the substance
  • Safely deal with withdrawal symptoms from any drug or alcohol

After detox, experts can help individuals move to the most suitable addiction treatment program to help them achieve sobriety.

For most substances, stopping the use can lead to withdrawal symptoms. These symptoms can range from uncomfortable to life-threatening. Hence, you should work through withdrawal only in a professional setting where medical professionals are available if you need them.

In an inpatient treatment program, detox is the first step. This option is best for individuals who need full monitoring and care. With controlled, tapering doses for detoxing, withdrawal can be made as comfortable and safe as possible.

In outpatient treatment, individuals receive treatment at the rehab and return home each night. This option is suitable only for individuals –

  • whose addiction is not severe
  • who can completely avoid harmful triggers
  • who have a low chance of withdrawal symptoms

In all other cases, inpatient detox is the safest and the most comfortable way of ridding the body off the substance and taking the first step towards sobriety.

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