How Does Rehab Help Drug Addicts?

Regain Your Life and Find Happiness

The most important point of going through rehab is regaining your life, free from the thralls of a mitigating need to take drugs and you cannot control those needs. You also cannot achieve happiness by doing the things you love if the “monster” in you makes you do things that are bad for you. 

The monster in you is what makes you feel adamant to take drugs so you can momentarily feel better, happier, less anxious, and back in control, however briefly. But if you run out of your supply, then your needs overwhelm you to the point where you may commit a crime, such as a robbery to get money for more drugs. You are no longer in control of your life. 

Added to this, your mind has chemically changed, and you may have regular episodes of paranoia about people around you, you are constantly anxious about what is coming next, and you live a life of sadness and loneliness leading to depression. 

Drug addiction treatment will help not only your body regain chemical control from needing drugs but the treatment also changes your way of thinking. Finding yourself trusting more in your ability to make wiser decisions as you get better. You find little miracles along the way as you experience the gradual changes for the better, bit by bit. 

Ultimately, you will feel great pride in having regained your original self again, but with benefits added on, based on your experience. Let’s look at some of the experiences you may encounter that help with achieving success.

Exercise Programs Tone Your Body and Brain to New Heights

Have you ever been involved in sports?  Ever wondered or recalled how it felt to run fast and toss that ball into a net, or a mountain climber achieving the summit of a mountain, performed a variation in a ballet onstage for 15 minutes, or swam 10 laps to victory in a swimming tournament. Aside from the strenuous activity, you were also taking in a lot of oxygen, important for your bloodstream as the carrier of oxygen throughout your body and brain. Exercise also releases endorphins which interact with brain receptors and cause you to feel happy and energized. 

Exercise, done the right way, can not only make you happy but also reduces pain in your body and lowers inhibitions. That is why you see football players go down on the field, and get covered by a pack of burly guys, yet they still get back up and are raring to go again. The player is focused, energized, and looking for the next moment to grab that ball again. They don’t care if their ankle or shoulder hurts. All that matters at the moment is the game and getting that ball.

Common benefits from Endorphins:

  • You are less likely to be depressed because you get “out of yourself,”
  • You reduce stress because your troubles go away while focused on exercise,
  • You sleep better because your body wants to rest at the right time, and emotional withdrawal symptoms are lessened
  • Exercise strengthens your heart and your lungs while lowering blood pressure,
  • You lose weight and build muscle, and
  • You feel proud of yourself as you see improvements from even a week ago.

If you cannot do heavy exercise because of physical issues, here are some other ideas you can engage in:

  • Take your bicycle to the park and travel along the bike paths, 
  • Walking is good for you, even when slow,
  • Swimming is good because your body feels lighter in water and you work your legs and upper body to build strength without impacting against a solid surface, and
  • Build a vegetable garden and begin eating healthier.

Learning to Avoid Triggers in Your Daily Routine

Triggers are situations or people you used to be around whereby whatever was happening, encouraged you to take drugs. Remember that people who encourage you to take drugs are not your friends. Friends look after you as you do for them in return. As part of recovery, you change your environment so that you are around positive people who do not take drugs and will not encourage you to do so. 

Aside from exercise programs and working in a gym, you also find other things in life you enjoy doing, such as arts and crafts. Creating something you can take pride in, is a positive outcome. You may not be the next Van Gogh (painter) or the best woodcarver, but if it looks good to you, then who cares what other people think. You can take pride that you created it. Practice will make you better, too. Besides, you can give them as gifts or sell them online to make money.

Contact Us if You Are Ready to Get Help

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