Is It Safe To to Get Sober Without the Help of San Diego Drug Rehab?

The cost of San Diego drug rehab is often a serious barrier for someone in the midst of active addiction. The financial cost, alongside the stigma commonly associated with admitting oneself to drug treatment, leads many people to attempt to get sober on their own.

There are certain situations in which attempting a solo recovery be dangerous. Unless you understand the nature of withdrawal and addiction, you probably shouldn’t attempt to get sober on your own.

This article will explain a bit about the withdrawal process and what sort of precautions you should take if you’re thinking of trying to get sober on your own.

Reality Check: Withdrawal Can Be Fatal

The most important thing to consider before getting sober is whether or not you’re at risk of dying from your withdrawal symptoms. Though it’s only in rare and fairly extreme cases, withdrawal symptoms from certain drugs can be fatal.

The only drugs that can cause deadly withdrawal symptoms are those which affect the body’s GABA system. Many are understandably surprised to learn, however, that the drugs dangerous enough to cause fatal withdrawal symptoms are among the most common and widely used in the world: alcohol and benzodiazepines (prescription anxiety medications like Valium and Xanax).

Because of their widespread availability and the lack of public knowledge and warning regarding the severity of their withdrawal symptoms, people underestimate the risks of these substances. Many have attempted to stop drinking or taking their medications only to suffer debilitating, if not deadly, withdrawal symptoms.

If you are going to be withdrawing from these drugs, it is absolutely important that you seek the help of a San Diego drug rehab.

Withdrawal from other drugs, such as opioids or amphetamines, can be extremely uncomfortable. But it will not kill you. That said, withdrawal from opioids can be so painful and protracted that many people prefer to attend a detox program due to the promise of additional care.

Preparation and Tips

If you are determined to try and get sober on your own, then you should prepare for a difficult experience. Addiction treatment centers exist because getting sober is an extremely challenging and uncomfortable process. Many people are unable to accomplish it on their own, and the help of a therapist can keep you on track.

Expect that you will be feeling like garbage for about a week. You will be extremely fatigued, most likely in pain, unable to sleep, sweating, feverish, and violently, physically ill. Your mental state will likely fluctuate rapidly, with mood swings, anxiety, irritability, and depression.

You will want tools and supports to help you in all of these areas.

  • Inform people close to you about your decision to go through withdrawal and see if they can offer some support.
  • Consider preparing meals or snacks ahead of time in case you can’t stand up long enough to cook.
  • Stock up on sanitary supplies: toilet paper, soaps, baby wipes, clean laundry, etc.
  • Consider investing in some herbal medicines and OTC medications to manage the worst of the symptoms.
  • Make sure to wean yourself off first. Gradually reduce your dosage over a period of weeks prior to getting sober.


Getting sober without the help of a rehab program is possible, though not always recommended, especially in the case of addiction to alcohol or other GABAergic drugs. Withdrawal from GABAergics can potentially be fatal, so treatment should be considered mandatory.

Withdrawal from other drugs won’t likely be fatal, but it still won’t be comfortable. Nonetheless, always remember that rehab treatment programs are there to help you transition easier.

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