Is There Love Addiction?

When most people think of addiction, the first thing that comes to mind is substance addiction: addiction to drugs or alcohol. However, substance addiction is only one class of addiction. Behavioral addictions, such as love addiction, are another class entirely.

Unfortunately, behavioral addictions such as love addiction can cause many of the same problems that you might experience from drug addiction. Love addiction can cause changes in the brain, and it can interfere with your personal relationships.

This article will explore some of the causes and effects of love addiction, as well as some of the available treatment options. You may find some help from behavioral counselors at a San Diego intensive outpatient treatment center.

What Is Love Addiction?

Love addiction is a form of behavioral addiction. It is characterized by the excessive need for love and intimacy, beyond what the average individual requires. People with a love addiction will go to great lengths to receive what they consider to be love.

This can interfere with their life progression and development. People with love addictions often become so preoccupied with finding love that they neglect to follow other pursuits and hobbies.

Love addiction can involve some other types of emotional addiction, including:

  • Addiction to sex
  • Addiction to physical intimacy
  • Addiction to romance

Some of these are considered conditions of their own. It is hard to draw the line regarding what constitutes a love addiction and what doesn’t. Suffice to say that love addiction is marked by the excessive seeking of love to the point that it becomes a detriment, either to the addicted person or those that they seek out for romance.

Symptoms of Love Addiction

These are a few of the symptoms of love addiction. If you notice that you experience many of these symptoms then you may want to see what help is available at a San Diego intensive outpatient treatment.

  • Being unable to be happy while on your own, or outside of a relationship
  • Frequently pursuing partners even at the expense of your friends or your own goals
  • Pursuing multiple partners despite causing harm or pain
  • Spending your day focusing solely on how, why, and where you can find love
  • Choosing partners that are emotionally or physically abusive
  • Returning to partners who you know have hurt you repeatedly
  • Choosing partners who demand a lot of your attention without offering much in return
  • Using seduction or manipulation to hold onto partners who want to leave

Conclusion – How to Treat Love Addiction

Love addiction is a compulsive need to find love in order to feel fulfilled. We all need love, but people who are addicted to it are chronically preoccupied with ensuring that they never have to go without it.

If you’re struggling with a love addiction then you might want to seek help from a counselor or therapist. A San Diego intensive outpatient treatment center would probably be able to connect you with someone who can provide the right therapy.