Is Your Partner an Alcoholic?

You may be aware that your partner enjoys a few drinks now and then, but identifying whether or not s/he has reached the stage of alcohol abuse may be the most challenging thing in a relationship. Yet it’s something you can’t walk away from.

Read on to know more about the warning signs of alcoholism and what to do if your partner is an alcoholic.

Warning Signs

An alcoholic individual generally exhibits the following signs –

  • a strong desire to drink
  • inability to stop drinking
  • high tolerance for alcohol
  • lying about drinking
  • trying to drink without others knowing
  • hiding alcohol

Here are some questions to ask yourself if your partner is showing a few of the above-mentioned signs –

  • Is your relationship suffering due to your partner’s drinking habits?
  • Is your partner unable to walk away from an unfinished drink?
  • Does your partner often blackout when drinking?

Physical withdrawal symptoms like nausea and shaking may become obvious when your partner can’t have alcohol. In addition, if your partner starts experiencing anxiety or depression, these may be related to his/her drinking habits

Things to Remember

If you’ve recognized these symptoms, you and your partner should seek professional help. Here are some vital things to remember –

  • Establish boundaries – An alcoholic individual may make a lot of promises not to drink but not be able to keep any of them. You may be tempted to give in to their repeated apologies and new promises but you need to be firm with your boundaries to help your partner in the long run.
  • Learn to see through illogical excuses – Alcoholics may make illogical excuses when they are pushed to change. Don’t argue with them in this state, rather walk away. Call for help, in case of physical or emotional abuse.
  • You can’t fix your partner – Don’t feel guilty or responsible for your partner’s actions. Avoid self-blame.
  • Don’t enable – Refuse to be an enabler. Don’t try to shelter him/her from the consequences of their actions.
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