Long-Term Luxury Rehab

Society’s affluent population often seeks private rehabilitation (rehab) facilities, also called long-term luxury rehab, for safety purposes. It is hard to focus on your treatment and recovery with the media in your face. The rich and famous or high-profile businesspersons seek these facilities so that they can safely get the treatment they need for drug and alcohol addictions.

The affluent, or financially well-to-do such as actors, entertainers, athletes, and well-respected officials have addiction problems too. Most of the time, the media announces that the celebrity has entered into treatment. When the facilities are not named, it is because the celebs are given the ability to check into rehab under a different name for their privacy and protection.

Length and Privacy of Treatment

What is confusing about a long-term luxury rehab program is that some are set for only 30 days. Most last 6 months to 9 months. It is hard for the affluent to know what a normal lifestyle is, given their profession. This is a place for them to call home while getting personal attention and private care.

Those with lifestyles that involve media attention have no idea what it’s like to focus on the self only. This is why group therapy sessions and group outings are often not included in this type of program. There is ample time for socializing, but each affluent member of society in these facilities has one counselor that focuses solely on them. This allows the recovering addict to get the individual attention and care that he or she needs to understand that life is good without drugs and alcohol.

Some may find this unfair, since “regular people” don’t get the same kind of treatment in rehab. The difference here is that “regular people” often close themselves off in seclusion and need to be around people to handle their addiction problems. The affluent are the opposite; these people are always around others, and they rarely have time to themselves.

Comfortable Living Accommodations

Many of the high-end rehab facilities, or luxury rehab centers, are located near beaches and oceans. The rooms are often large, have some type of electronics in them, but there are restrictions as far as accessing social media and things of the like as to not move recovery backwards. Most long-term luxury rehabs have spa treatments available, high-end furnishings, larger beds, and even gourmet cuisine. It helps to make these affluent people to feel more like they are on vacation than locked away in a facility. This is beneficial to a recovering addict, as it is maintaining a normal life in some respects where he or she can focus on recovery.

This may seem like a private oasis to common folk who suffer with addictions, and that is the case in some situations. Keep in mind that even affluent people have demons and struggles. Their primary focus is on entertaining and maintaining a specific persona for the world, so most of the time, the addiction goes unrecognized or is seen as being stereotypical. These private facilities help more high-caliber people fight their demons than traditional facilities.

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