You May Be Addicted To Your Pain Killer

Many people who suffer from chronic pain become dependent on pain medication. Prescription drug addiction is a growing concern in the United States where millions suffer from chronic pain.

Pain, like drugs, does not just affect the body. Untreated pain can lead to severephysical as well as psychological and social issues. Fear, depression and anxiety can often accompany pain, complicating the situation.

In fact, when taken for long periods the need for these drugs will escalate and dependence will occur along with a hyper-sensitivity to pain. This is a condition called hyperalgesia, in which the continued use of opiate medication causes the brain to exponentially create more pain receptors.

That is why great rehabs offer effective pain treatment option along with de-addiction programs. Dependence and addiction to prescription pain medication has unique physiological and psychological aspects. It is not uncommon for chronic pain sufferers to wake up one day without adequate pain relief; dependent on pain medications and no clue of when how they got there.

The treatment needs of prescription drug abusers are very different as compared to someone suffering who started drug use casually. Only treating the addiction is likely to end in relapse since the root cause has been left untreated. The person will have no option but to turn back to pain medication.

That is why good rehabs use integrated treatment to address –

  • Pain and the underlying condition
  • Effective pain management options
  • Medication Dependence and Addiction Issues
  • Co-occurring Medical and Psychological Conditions
  • Physical and Functional Restoration Addressing the Whole Person

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