More About Our Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

Many people think that alcohol addiction is just a state of mind. They don’t understand why people drink so much.

The staff at our San Diego alcohol rehab center understands that this is a complicated disease that requires a customized alcohol withdrawal treatment plan to overcome. We know you don’t drink out of desire. You drink because you feel a compelling urge, and our treatment plan will help you overcome that urge and live a happy and fulfilled life.

If you are addicted to beer, wine, or liquor, you might need to enter our detox program after your initial assessment. Our medically-supervised California alcohol treatment program is safe and secure, and you will have a case worker and doctor by your side throughout the process. Our team will help you manage your symptoms as comfortably as possible.

Once alcohol detox at our San Diego treatment facility is completed, it will be time to build your treatment plan. Each plan is customized to meet the needs of the client, so your plan will be unlike other plans at the facility. The plan we create will address your triggers and problems you face, as well as your long-term goals for success.

You will also learn life skills during your time here. It is our hope that when you leave, you are ready to embark on a new life journey that is free of beer, wine, and liquor. We will provide you with the tools you need to accomplish that goal.

Don’t live under the influence of alcohol any longer. Contact our San Diego alcohol rehab and recovery center so we can help you begin a new, healthier chapter of your life.

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