More Information About Our Detox Program

If you are addicted to substances, our San Diego drug detox program can help you. We treat the body, mind, and spirit, and can help you discover your true self through sober living and inpatient addiction treatment.


If you are addicted to heroin, you are not alone. The substance is extremely addictive and can take over your life. It’s common for people to lose jobs, friends, and family members due to heroin addiction, and rock bottom keeps getting lower for some.

You might feel out of control, but you have the power to get better. Our San Diego heroin treatment center can take you through detox and all the way into lasting recovery. With our team of compassionate caregivers by your side, you will get through this.

The process begins when you ask, “I need to find a drug rehab near me.” Once you’ve made your choice, then comes medical detox. Detoxing on your own is quite uncomfortable. In fact, many people go back to heroin because they cannot fight through the pain. We use medications to alleviate the symptoms through the heroin treatment. This will help you maintain your willpower as you get the drug out of your system.

Getting out of detox is the first step in your drug treatment plan. A caseworker will go over your triggers and other issues that are standing in your way on the path to sober living. Then, a treatment plan will be designed just for you. While each plan is different, they will all treat your body, mind, and soul. We believe that this comprehensive approach to treatment is necessary to help you stop using today and avoid using in the future.

It might seem like the drugs are in control, but they aren’t. You can stop, but you need help. Contact us to learn more about how our heroin detox center can help you recover from heroin abuse as well.

You don’t need to ask, “Where can I find a drug rehabilitation center near me in San Diego, California?” This is because our facility is ready to serve you in your journey to lasting recovery.

Once you have begun our intake process, you will undergo an assessment and then enter our detox program. If you try to do it at home, you’ll be overcome with anxiety, depression, irritability, and fatigue. You will want those uncomfortable feelings to go away, so you might start using drugs again.

Our San Diego drug detox center is away from your suppliers and enablers, and it is also staffed with doctors who will make the process easier for you. You will receive medications to alleviate the symptoms so you won’t have to suffer during detox.

Next, you will enter treatment at our San Diego drug rehabilitation facility. Your treatment will be customized to your unique triggers and needs and will provide you with the tools you need to walk out clean, sober, and excited about the next chapter in your life. This could eventually include outpatient drug treatment, however this would be determined based on each unique individual.

Addiction is powerful when you fight it on your own. Let us take some of the burden off your shoulders.

Opioids and Prescription Pills

Opioid and prescription pill (painkillers) abuse have become an epidemic in Southern California and the rest of the country. Many people start taking prescription pills to treat a real medical condition, only to get addicted. The addiction doesn’t end just because the medical condition clears up, so they continue taking the medications when they are no longer under the care of a physician.

If you’re addicted to opioids or prescription pills, you likely feel a lot of shame. You wish you could turn back time and prevent yourself from taking that first pill. Shame is holding you hostage in your addiction, and you need help.

First, you need to ask yourself, “Where is an inpatient drug rehab near me in San Diego? After selecting the right one for you, the next step is detox from the controlled substance. Painkiller detox at home is a frightening and painful process, and many people go back to the drug to make the symptoms stop. We provide a safe detox option for our patients. Using medications to ease the symptoms, you will be under a doctor’s care the entire time.

Once you make it through this first step, you will feel so much better already. This is when the real work begins. You will undergo treatment at our luxury drug rehab center in San Diego, CA. Instead of taking a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment, we will create a customized plan just for you which could include outpatient addiction treatment. This plan will address your specific needs and help you to ensure a strong and lasting recovery.

We don’t just want you to stop today and tomorrow. We want you to enjoy a sober life forever, so we also provide tools that you can take into the real world. These tools will help you identify your triggers and alleviate stress.

Contact the Pacific Bay Recovery drug rehab center in San Diego, California, to learn more about our opioid and painkillers addiction treatment options at 619-350-8220 now.

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