Prescription Painkiller Abuse – Warning Signs

Prescription painkillers may prove effective in chronic pain relief. They are often the first line of defense against pain. While these drugs are legal when properly prescribed by a doctor, they can be highly addictive.

So how do you know when you or a loved one has crossed over from pain management to addiction? Here are the warning signs.

• Changes in mood and/or behavior
• Continuing drug use even when there is no pain or the condition, for which it was prescribed, has improved
• Being defensive about drug use
• Undesirable changes in appearance and habits
• Social withdrawal
• Using more drug than prescribed
• Visiting several doctors for prescription refills
• Inability to stop or cut down in drug use despite several attempts

If you recognize these signs and symptoms of prescription painkiller addiction in self or a loved one, seek professional help right away.

Rehabs offer prescription narcotic addiction treatment as inpatient and outpatient treatment. While inpatient treatment provides a safe environment, away from stress and triggers, and round the clock cares, outpatient treatment provides the flexibility to go on with your life as you go through treatment. But if the addiction is severe, it is recommended that you choose inpatient rehab for full recovery.

The drug rehab center in San Diego offers innovative therapies utilizing a combination of group therapy, individual psychotherapy and holistic treatment techniques that have proven high success rates.

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