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What Are Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms?

When people discuss drug and alcohol withdrawal, they generally focus on physical symptoms. While the physical symptoms are certainly more apparent, the psychological withdrawal symptoms are often those that lead people towards a relapse.


In this article, we’re going to talk about the psychological component of withdrawal. If you or a loved one are going to be struggling with withdrawal in the near future, don’t hesitate to get a hold of a San Diego drug rehab center to help you with your treatment.


What Is Withdrawal?


Withdrawal is the term used to describe a collection of symptoms that occur when someone suddenly stops using drugs. Withdrawal symptoms generally only happen when someone is physically dependent on a drug, though sometimes people may experience solely psychological withdrawal.

In the case of physical addiction, withdrawal occurs because the body has become accustomed to being fuelled with drugs. It then stops producing its own hormones, neurotransmitters, and chemicals. When the addict stops using drugs, the body then falls into a deficit which leads to physical and mental turmoil.


However, some people may still undergo some degree of psychological withdrawal even if they’re not physically addicted. These people often have a psychological dependence: they believe that they need a drug or alcohol to function, even though this might not be the case.


Nonetheless, this self-imposed belief tends to lead to psychological withdrawal symptoms if they’re unable to get their fix. This also tends to occur in behavioural addictions that don’t involve the consumption of drugs or alcohol.


Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms


Psychological withdrawal symptoms can vary in severity. They can be mild, moderate, or quite debilitating depending on the intensity of the addiction. These are some of the most common psychological withdrawal symptoms.


  • Anxiety
  • Social withdrawal
  • Emotional instability, depression
  • Irritability, anger, emotional outbursts
  • Self-doubt and self-confidence issues
  • Delusions
  • Negative belief patterns preventing one from achieving their goals
  • Anhedonia (being unable to find pleasure in activities)
  • Difficulty thinking or processing situations, trouble concentrating
  • Inability to perform at cognitive tasks
  • Memory problems
  • Intense cravings, thoughts about drugs or alcohol


As you can see, these problems can be very difficult.


Managing Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms


Psychological withdrawal symptoms can be uncomfortable to manage. However, there are some things that you can do.


In many cases, psychological withdrawal symptoms are actually indicating an underlying problem. Many people harbor anxieties or insecurities before trying to cover them up with drugs. When they enter withdrawal, they no longer have the drug to cover up their emotional problems. This resurgence makes the problems more prominent than ever.


Seeking San Diego drug and alcohol rehab can provide you with the therapy that you need to overcome these psychological issues.




While physical withdrawal is most often discussed, psychological withdrawal symptoms are still no joke. Learning how to overcome psychological withdrawal symptoms is important for anyone who is going to stop using drugs.



Written by Nigel Ford


Stay Prepared In Case of Withdrawal during COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has changed the lives of nearly everyone on the planet. While some people have managed to adapt quite well to new restrictive measures, drug users and alcoholics find themselves facing extra risks.


COVID-19 impacts drug supply and social distancing measures mean that some dealers have stopped supplying their customers. This means that some drug users simply aren’t able to access the drugs that they need to stay out of withdrawal – and with many San Diego drug rehab facilities putting in new measures because of social distancing, it can be hard to find treatment.


This article will talk about how drug users and alcoholics can prepare for the unfortunate possibility of withdrawal.

Mentally Preparing Yourself


The first thing to do is mentally prepare yourself for the possibility of getting stuck without your fix. When you’re prepared, you will be less likely to be caught by surprise.


  • Make sure that you remain in contact with people who are within your circle. Let them know your situation so that they will also be prepared to help you if they need to.
  • Consider tapering as much as you can. That means decreasing your doses over time so you become less dependent on the drug. If you do this, then you will experience less intense withdrawals.
  • If you’re living alone, try to find someone who can come watch over you while you’re in withdrawal. Some drugs, including alcohol, can cause seizures during their withdrawal period. If you experience a serious seizure and there is nobody around to call the hospital, it could be fatal.

Don’t hope for withdrawal, but don’t ignore the possibility. Being aware and prepared is the key to being as comfortable as possible during withdrawal.


Physically Preparing Yourself


If there is a possibility that you are going to go through withdrawal, then you want to make sure that you’re prepared. Making sure that you have the proper equipment can mean the difference between an uncomfortable withdrawal and a terrible one.


  • First off, you want to make sure that you have enough food to last you for the duration of your withdrawal. If you’re going to be really sick, you won’t be able to go out and get groceries.
  • Get any vitamins and over-the-counter medicines that may help. Antiemetic, antidiarrheal, and sleep aids can all be useful.
  • Make sure that your space is comfortable.
  • Stock up on things like baby wipes and toilet paper if you’re going to be detoxing.




Withdrawal is never fun, but given the current situation in the world, it may be a bit more dangerous right now. Nonetheless, if you make sure that you’re prepared, you should be able to survive withdrawal with a minimum of discomfort.


In normal times, San Diego drug and alcohol rehab can help you stay sober – but these days it’s important to take extra precautions.


Written by Nigel Ford