The Risks of Alcohol Poisoning on Your Body

What is Alcohol Poisoning?

Alcohol poisoning occurs when consuming too many drinks within a short time, such as two hours. Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) rising to 0.08 percent or higher, will usually happen after consuming four drinks (for women) or five drinks (for men), according to an article by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA).

If you had a meal before or during the consumption of alcohol, food in your stomach will help to soak up some of the liquid. But if you have not eaten anything and you also take drugs (legal or otherwise), then you can run into severe trouble. As more alcohol enters your bloodstream, the chance of having brain damage, falling unconscious and hurting oneself, having a seizure, can all lead to death.

This continued drinking behavior over time also damages body organs, such as your kidneys, liver, stomach, heart, and brain. You are poisoning your body systems when drinking often as your body does not have enough time to expel the effects from the previous round of drinking.

During the pandemic, drinking increased by 60.14 percent, a huge increase and an indication of how much lockdowns affected parts of the American population, according to an online article by the National Center for Drug Abuse Statistics (NCDAS). Reasons for increased drinking were due to stress and anxiety, boredom, and more.

Social isolation is a tough remedy for trying to stop a nationwide, sweeping pandemic, especially for the elderly who live alone. The hardest hit during this time were the families who had one or more members enter the hospital after catching COVID-19 and passing away before ever seeing their loved ones again.

Getting the Help You Need to Recover from Alcohol Abuse

If you had a case of alcohol poisoning, you may find yourself in a hospital first, recovering from being found unconscious, possibly injured, and transported to the emergency room (ER). At Pacific Bay Recovery, we take you into our accredited substance rehabilitation center, do a complete physical and mental examination, and design your customized treatment plan. You go through the detoxification program where you are monitored 24/7 as your physical system begins its cleaning process.

During this time, the mental side of your addiction is also treated to help you reprogram how you understand your need for drinking and moving away from this need. A full review of the environment surrounding your current lifestyle helps us pinpoint the areas where we can help you make changes to what negatively impacts your life. The mental recovery program is part of removing those triggers in your lifestyle, so you do not feel the physical need to drink.

Statistics on Alcohol Abuse in California

The online article from NCDAS also lists statistics of alcohol abuse for each state although it does not list the year. For California, here are a few eye-opening statistics related to alcohol abuse deaths.

  • Annually, 11,026 deaths in California are related to alcohol abuse (71.2 percent are male),
  • Among these deaths, 84.3 percent are 35 years and older while 3.3 percent are under 21,
  • Every year, for every 2,777 adults (over 18) Californians, there is one alcohol-based death, which translates to 3.6 deaths per 10,000 adults (NCDAS).

A National Survey on Drug Use and Health for 2019 (NSDUH), referenced in another article from NIAAA, showed that national statistics on 414,000 young Americans, aged 12 to 17, had alcohol use disorder (AUD). Of this amount, 163,000 were males and 251,000 were females. Of this group, 6.4 percent of males and 6.4 percent of females in this age group also received treatment for AUD (NIAAA).

Treatment Early on in Dual Diagnosis of Alcohol Abuse is Essential

For young people who involve themselves in alcoholic binging, particularly when drugs are combined, treatment is essential as soon as it is discovered. It is a hard road to recovery, not only for the young but also for family members who must learn how to work with these issues. Patience and loving care are needed to bring someone back to a normal way of life, even when life around the vulnerable, is less than normal.

In a family where one or both adults are alcoholics, children suffer from the outcomes that alcoholism presents when an adult is not in control of their thinking processes and are also aggressive, even physical. When a spouse in a family goes into recovery, the whole family becomes involved to understand what the issues are and how to help the one in recovery.

The members of Pacific Bay Recovery are experienced in working with those who have substance abuse issues and can help you and your family within a customized recovery program. Everyone who needs help should have this chance to regain a happy and substance-free life that encourages becoming the best that a person can be.

Contact Us When You Need Help

Our Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center in San Diego, CA can help you with any substance addiction and/or mental issues you might have so you can regain a happy and functional lifestyle again. Call us for a free consultation and to set up an appointment to start getting help as soon as possible. 619-350-8220.

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