Things you should know before entering a rehab

5 Things To Know Before Entering A Rehab

If you are considering rehab for substance abuse treatment, here are a few things that you should know before you start.

Every rehab is different

Every individual struggling with substance abuse or addiction is unique and their addiction treatment should also be personalized. This is why good rehabs offer both inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Find a rehab that offers a treatment plan customized for your needs and goals.

Dual Diagnosis

“Dual diagnosis” refers to the co-occurrence of a mental health issue along with addiction. In many cases, dual diagnosis may be present, which means the treatment should address both – the substance abuse and the mental health issue. Treating dual diagnosis is critical to preventing relapse and maintaining long-term sobriety.

Inpatient rehab is not prison

There is a huge myth that inpatient rehab treatment is like being imprisoned. But that is simply not true. In fact, many drug and alcohol addiction rehab centers are more like a luxury resort with all amenities available.


When you go through treatment at a rehab, you need to open up and discuss how you are feeling your struggles, and more. Remember talking about these things is important in overcoming an addiction. Most treatment programs include either group or individual therapy. You do not need to share your secrets if you don’t want to, but be ready to talk about yourself and engage in conversations with others.


During substance abuse treatment, you would realize that you are not alone in your struggles. While every story is different, you may find many of the things, others are going through, relatable. Patients greatly benefit when they empathize with others facing similar challenges. Listening to other people’s stories can give you the strength to continue with your own treatment.

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